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Lorenzo Radicioni

After studying in Urbino, Italy, the birthplace of famous Renaissance painter, Raphael Sanzio, Lorenzo began working in the publicity and graphic design sector.  A true son of the arts, his father was a very well known artist; Lorenzo expanded his education thanks to a series of journeys and experience abroad in the principal cities of the world where  he absorbed and collected current ideas and trends which today only serve to enhance his creativity.  He speaks four languages; Italian, Russian, Chinese and English.




Both stylist and designer Lorenzo Radicioni also expresses his creativity through painting and photography which emphasis his cultural vivacity.  He lives between Italy, Russia and China where he works in both the private and commercial sectors with fashion designers and top of the range art and interior design studios.  Gladiator is Lorenzo’s own registered design label, for  which he designs and produces his own fashion collection of bags, belts and other accessories all made exclusively in Italy, impeccable goods which are destined to those who love and appreciate the famous Italian style and taste.

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